How I got rid of my Cellphone OCD

Got a new phone, and you can’t see single dust on it? That is quite obvious with everyone around. Getting addicted to material objects is normal. But if it disturbs your pocket a lot, you should start thinking about a remedy.

When a person uses his/her cell phone most of the time, unable to cut back on cell phone usage, using cell phones as a solution to boredom, feeling anxiety & depression when the phone is out of range, we call it the Cellphone OCD. Some people like me won’t be able to see a small scratch on the phone. I am Snehasish Nayak from India, and now I will tell you how I got rid of my Cellphone OCD on my own.

Before a few months, I was so addicted to my electronic devices that I could not even see a scratch on it. I used to spend a lot of money on screen protectors and protective laminations; sometimes, it would cost me more than the gadget’s cost. Apart from that, I was a lot into social media networks, which dragged me towards using my cellphone more and more after my working hours. And I am sure many of us are facing similar conditions. Now, for me, most of them are gone. The question is, how I did that? Let’s see.

My first problem was with the cellphone itself. I could not see a single imperfection on the device like I wanted to keep it as a new device forever.

Nothing is perfect in the world. How can you expect a man-made material object to be perfect? You would find hairline scratches, dust, and moisture on your device and nothing to worry about it. Once I understood it, I tried to avoid looking at those minute details on my gadgets. It took a few months, and now I care less about them.

A cellphone is something we regularly use in different conditions. And due to extensive use, regular wear and tear are pretty reasonable. Once you imprint it in your mind and tell yourself every time you start looking at your phone again, it will eventually become a habit of yours. Give it a try.

If you got a new cellphone for yourself, let me clear it for you, no one else cares if you have a flashy new device. Smartphones are ubiquitous; even small kids have flashy gadgets nowadays.

So no one cares if your device has a small scratch on it or kept while new. It is only you and your mind. And you have to take control over it.

Snehasish Nayak
I am a Full-Stack Developer, passionate learner, and technology enthusiast with 4.5 years of experience in cutting-edge web technologies.