Minimalistic lifestyle, the best way to deal with COVID-19

The year 2020 has been a terrible year for most of us. We live like prisoners in our own houses; yes, I am talking about the home quarantine. We have seen people losing their jobs, eventually losing their minds, and finally losing their lives. And without a vaccine, we are helpless right now.  I am Snehasish, and I live in the Coronavirus hotspot of India for the last six months. This article will tell you how my wife and I are dealing with this pandemic.

Minimalistic lifestyle - the new way of living

The pandemic has changed the way I used to live my life. I am from Bhubaneswar, and I moved to Mumbai just before the Coronavirus outbreak. I was in a new city, with no other contacts of mine. I had received all the facilities at my home from my childhood, but the situation in Mumbai was different. I was totally on my own.

I learned, having everything in life is not needed. But the things we need to survive are. Actually, our wantings are limitless. It feels our wantings are just like milestones; once we achieve one, we move on to our next target. It never ends. Unless we want it to end.

Before the pandemic, I did not control my spendings, like I did not know what essential and just a wishlist is. For example, having a cellphone is necessary, but having one cell, one Android tablet, and plans to buy an iPad in a few months is not. Before the pandemic, I used to spend my money on things I barely needed. That has been changed now.  I am learning the way to live a minimalistic but happy life. Material objects are part of our lives. But it should not be able to influence our lives.

Survival of the fittest - race with your self, to survive one more day

In our childhood, we have read many stories about the survival of the fittest. For a while, all of us believed these are just the stories. But now, the virus has put the statement to the test.

This virus does not care about who you are or how much money you have. So which worsens the situation for everyone. It is pretty essential to prepare for the next day instead of planning for the far future.

Staying fit does not mean physical fitness only. To survive this situation, you need mental fitness more than you need physical fitness. So, I have given more importance to my mental wellness for the last couple of months, to stand firm whatever it comes next.

Knowing your circle of control - think about what you can control and whatnot.

Thinking straight is very important right now. While our mind is ideal, we think about various stuff, some of the thoughts are under our control, and some control us. And all those unnecessary thoughts increase our stress and anxiety.

I have seen my friends and family panicking over a positive case in their locality or thinking about what will happen if they get infected. Let me tell you one thing, both of those conditions are not under your control as we don't know all about the virus yet. And If we can not control something or someone, overthinking about it won't really help. Everyone needs to understand that.

If you can not control something, don't waste your time overthinking about it.

Snehasish Nayak
I am a Full-Stack Developer, passionate learner, and technology enthusiast with 4.5 years of experience in cutting-edge web technologies.