Overcome Negative Thinking with Simple Tricks

The entire humanity is going through a tough time due to COVID-19. And it is difficult to focus and avoid negative thoughts. Hello, reader! I am Snehasish Nayak, and in this post, I will tell you how I train myself to avoid negative thoughts.

The best part is, you can apply the technique in any situation and any time.

An empty mind is the devil's warehouse.

Keeping yourself busy with some productive activities can reduce the negative thoughts in your mind. Our minds are more powerful than you think; when set idle, it can be the home to your worst imaginations. So it is essential to keep it engaged. If you don't have any productive activities in your mind, Take some time out of your daily schedule to think about the things you love the most or your weak areas, and try to improve those. Think about career growth opportunities.

Let's have a look at a few ways to help you reduce your negative thoughts.

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Stop watching the morning news.

I was grown watching my father reading the morning newspapers daily. Things are now changed, and due to technological advancements, it is now replaced with various news channels, news blogs, etc. The main issue is not how we consume the news but the actual content in it. Today's news channels are full of negativity, fake news, and propaganda instead of valuable unbiased information. So, I would recommend avoiding the morning news channels totally.

Instead of that, subscribe to a few essential news blogs and only the content you love.

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Meditate or do Yoga.

Meditation and yoga have been proven as the key factors influencing your mental and physical health, respectively. During the pandemic, when we are literally trapped within our houses and maintaining social distancing from our friends and family, we must think about our mental health. So, keep some time out of your schedule for meditation and yoga. These two reduce your anxiety and improve your lifestyle.

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Limit the usage of Social Media.

Like the news channels, social media has become a place to complain, brag and spread fake news. I know social media helps us stay connected with people, even though they are far away, and there are examples of proper use of social media for good causes many, but sometimes, it becomes an addiction, and you can not quit.

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Surround yourself with positive people.

You and your behavior are defined by the people in your surrounding. Not only do they influence your lifestyle but also your attitude towards the world. If you are surrounded by negative people, most of the time, it will impact the positive vibe around you.

So avoid spending time with such people and find people with a similar mentality who can help you improve your lifestyle.

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Don't play the victim. You create your life—take accountability.

If you are always trying to manipulate others and try to play the victim card, stop doing it right now. Because by doing so, you are more into the negativity you are trying to find inside the people you are trying to blame. Your thoughts won't affect them, but it will become your habit to always play the victim. So take charge, be the leader and get things done.

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Read positive things.

For centuries, reading has been considered as one of the best things to spend your time on. It not only increases your knowledge but also improves your vocabulary and analytical skills. I know, we always say, addictions are not suitable for us, but trust me, this addiction will be one of the best addictions you can have.

It takes time to build up a reading habit. Start with reading the books or articles you like. Do not go for the classic novels, as you won't be enjoying reading something you are not interested in while getting started.

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Help someone.

A simple act of kindness can change someone's day. If you look around, there are people around us who are looking for some help. If you can, try to help someone in need. You will get some blessings, and sometimes, your small act of kindness could return back to you when you are in need.

Think about things you can control

If you have reached this portion of the page, I am pretty sure you are trying to improve your lifestyle and mentality. You are at the right place now. I have mentioned things you can do to improve your thought process in the above pointers. Now, we will discuss how you can define the boundaries for the thoughts inside your brain.

Circles of Control, Influence and Concern
Circles of Control, Influence and Concern

Circle of Control

Let's divide your thoughts into two parts. Ideas on which you have control, let's put it inside a small circle and call it the "circle of control." For example, you have your mathematics exam tomorrow, and you want to do well. And the solution you can try for the examination is to study as much as you can. Now it is entirely within your control.

Circle of Influence

Now, there are things you can not control directly, but you can try to influence them. In the above example, your actions involved in the math exam will affect your math grades in school. Let's call it the "Circle of influence."

Circle of Concern.

Now, the last part, things over which you don't have any control — for example, the questions coming in your mathematics examination. You can give your best for the exam, but you can not control or influence what will be in the paper. Let's keep these activities in another circle and call it the "Circle of Concern."

In the above examples, you can see, you can completely control the things inside your circle of concern. Which is limited. You can influence things inside your Circle of Influence. But you have no control over the thoughts laying completely outside your Circle of Influence.

So, what can you do?

When you are in a situation when you feel things are not in your control, get a pen and a paper and try to plot your thoughts in those circles mentioned above. If something you are worried about is beyond your circle of influence, just stop worrying about it. And concentrate more on what you can control.

Snehasish Nayak
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