Tackle your Social Media Addiction

Over the last decade, We have seen a massive change in how we communicated with our loved ones. Thanks to the arrival of social media apps. We can connect with our friends and family on the go, anytime, every time. But there is a downside to it as well. That is when we get addicted to the platforms.

How I got addicted to social media

It was early 2008 when I saw the advertisement for social media for the first time. And it was non-other than Facebook. I was not aware of what this thing is and how it works. But, I had a curiosity within me, and it was increasing day by day.

In late 2008, I started my college career, and a wide range of opportunities appeared in front of me. Well, I am not talking about educational opportunities. It was the opportunity to connect with others on an online platform for the first time.  It was the starting point of one addiction that lasted for more than ten years.

At the peak of social media addiction

It was early 2017, and I was addicted to almost all social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or anything else. I was spending more time on social media than anything else. I was wasting my precious time on things that will never bring any positive results. However, I was enjoying it because I was addicted! I spent more than 16 hours a day on social media, wasting my time chatting with my friends and receiving subsequent notifications around my cellphone.

The problems I faced due to my social media addiction

It was early 2018. I realized how addicted I am to social media. I can actually utilize that time for some productive work. I worked under a computer scientist by then, and he motivated me to increase my productivity. Still, I was not able to get over my social media addiction. But there are plenty of opportunities I  missed due to this;

  1. I wasted a lot of time, which I could have used in a better way.
  2. I almost lost my focus because I was always busy checking the notifications.
  3. I lost my peace of mind because of all the arguments I had on social media.
  4. I almost forgot that there are real people in this world with whom I can connect and share my feelings. And, now I feel it was one of my greatest mistakes.

How I got rid of this social media addiction

Trust me, it was not at all easy to get rid of my social media addiction, and I never imagined that I would be able to get rid of it one day. But here I am today. I have totally quit Facebook. I only use it now to check with my old friends. But trust me, I don't feel addicted anymore.

Started reading books

This was the time of the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone was busy on social media. In that case, I was exploring different ways to increase my productivity. And someone told me that the but way to increase productivity is to start reading books. Although I started reading books before, the idea of exploring the path more and more just stuck in my mind. I started doing the same, and within a few days, I could see noticeable changes in my behavior. I was more factual and resourceful than before.

Now I was sure I was on the right track. And I had a new addiction. That was reading books. It started with one hour of reading, and eventually, I started putting more time into it. In the beginning, I had to push myself to my limits. I had to force myself to read a few pages every day without skipping a single day.

Guided meditations helped me a lot.

The next thing I tried was daily meditation. Due to my daily habit, I had become very unstable. I was unable to concentrate a bit. The daily meditation helped me a lot to explore the inner me. There is an application called headspace that helped me a lot with the guided meditation. Even though I had the premium subscription of headspace, you can use the free version as well.

We social media to connect, don't make it your home.

It took me a while to understand that social media was meant to connect people with each other, But we are using it differently. And that is what the creators actually want. To make people addicted to a platform so that they won't be able to leave it quickly.

Here people need proper education about how to use social media for good. I am not saying social media is evil, but the way we use it makes it look so. We need to understand what is essential and what is not. Social media is not going to tell us the same. It is up to us how we want to spend our time.

Snehasish Nayak
I am a Full-Stack Developer, passionate learner, and technology enthusiast with 4.5 years of experience in cutting-edge web technologies.