To be successful in your life, you don’t need to be someone with a Good CGPA

When I was a child, my parents used to tell me, “Son work hard for the exam, you will enjoy the days after it”. I trusted them, I did well in the exam. But just after one day, the pressure building for the next exam started. I was like, “Okey”!

I grew a bit older, I was being told by my parents that, “Son, do well in your matriculation, you will enjoy your whole life”. I trusted them again. I did good in my matriculation, But the journey did not end.

Next, there was the entrance examination. Again a similar kind of statement. Crack the entrance examination, and get a seat in the Engineering college, you will enjoy the rest of your life. I cracked the entrance, but do you think the journey ended? No. It did not. And it’s never ending. But do you think, all the things I did just to make my future enjoyable was worth it? The whole life, I have been running in a race, to make my future better. And you are doing the same as well.

Often parents are worried about how their children perform in their colleges. And it is engineering, it’s all about securing a Good CGPA for them. But is CGPA really a great factor for building your future?

From my childhood I was very much interested into Computer Science and I wanted to make it my profession. But my parents suggested me to study electrical and electronics as it was the trending field at that time and Computer Science market was totally down. I agreed and took electrical and electronics as my field of study. For one year, I was doing pretty well in the subject, but eventually I lost my interest. Oh Common! I was never interested in Electronics. Till the end of my first year of graduation, I have understood it clearly. And decided to study computer related topics without telling any one.

I dedicated most of my time studying computer science instead of studying my degree subjects. You must be thinking, I was a fool right? No, that was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I agree, I did not do pretty well in my college due to it, but I got my degree. To be frank, I am not a 9 pointer in my college days and I am really happy for that. Thank god! Else, I would have never learned, whatever I have know today. Because, if that would have happened, I would have been spending most of my time in some MNC pressing the keyboard without knowing what I am actually doing.

I agree, I had to struggle few years but that struggle was worth it. I got some amazing experience working with some startups, helped a few people by doing freelancing work for them, learnt some amazing Technology from the scratch, contributed for Google and Wikipedia and became a Product Expert recognized by Google. My CGPA never affected any of those. In the mean while, learnt how to be patient and keep trying without giving up. Many people lack those skills. They just quit. Because it seems easier.

Coming to the point over here, if you are a student, who is trying his/her best to score good in engineering and still unable to do that, it does not mean, you have failed in your life. Life is not about memorizing few books, writing whatever you have memorized in the exams and scoring high in the examination. Life is about learning, Life is about trying again and again. Life is about becoming the better version of your self. So don’t loose hope if you don’t have a good CGPA, just have trust on your self and keep trying. And if you feel, that is not your field of study, just move on! Like I did.

Now for parents, instead of forcing your children to live your dream, set them free. Let them choose their path. What they want to do and what they want to become. Don’t pressurize them do score good in the exams, it will only worsen the situation. Instead of that, be their friend, support them in their good works and let them build up their own life. I am really grateful to my parents that, they were able to understand me in right time. Instead of pressurizing me, they tried to motivate me to work hard, whatever I am doing. That’s what your children need as well.

If we look at the global business leaders, majority of them don’t even have a formal education. Still they are doing pretty well. It is not because of their education, But because of their hard work, their dedication and efforts. That is what someone needs in their life to be successful.

I am not saying I am successful, Yet. But I am becoming better than what I was yesterday. And that means success to me. If you have a similar kind of story, please share yours in the comments! And yes, I am really sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

Snehasish Nayak
I am a Full-Stack Developer, passionate learner, and technology enthusiast with 4.5 years of experience in cutting-edge web technologies.